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First Released Version 0.644, runs e.g. on KGS Server (the only tested one)

Windows Version: (short description)
1) Create Folder Tree c:/temp/petgo/kgsgtp/name (name is name of the bots kgsaccount)
1a) Create Folder c:/temp/petgo/sgf (is the logfile location)
2) have java and ms framework 4.x installed
3) download the files and copy them into the folder c:/temp/petgo/kgsgtp/name
4) edit the file named "petgo_config" (first, second line and last line)
- name=name (name is name of the bots kgsaccount)
- password=password (is the password of the kgsaccount)
- engine=C:\\temp\\petgo\\kgsgtp\\petgo\\name -gtpm -time19 -size19
5) start cmd in the folder and write in the commandline:
java -jar kgsGtp.jar petgo_config.txt

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